It has been said a lot about the different bonuses in slot machines because these features are really making the one-armed bandits more interesting and fascinating. However all analytical articles touch upon the common functions of bonus features and rounds but it’s hard to find advises about the preference of the different additional features for the players with the various playing styles. We’re saying about the cohorts of low rollers and high rollers or the opposite groups of conservators and risk takers. Also we shouldn’t forget about the admirers of the free slots who prefer the respectable online casinos like How the bonus features can please them or make their playing style more efficient?

Maybe the most popular bonus feature is the Wild symbol which is closely related to the same symbol in video poker. The slots’ “joker” seems to be beloved by every player but it’s more preferable for the risk takers and high rollers because the appearance of the Wild at the maximal bets give the most effect. The “companion” of the Wild is the Scatter symbol. It doesn’t make the specific influence but also can be more pleasant for those who are making bigger stakes.

The multipliers are very simple bonuses but they can always be useful because they increase the size of payout anyway. We think that this feature is appropriable equally for the risk takers and conservators so let’s name the multiplier as the universal bonus.

The bonus rounds which don’t imply the escape from the main screen are good for the risk takers because they give the chance to check out your intuition. They usually don’t depend on the bet size so it doesn’t matter if you are low-roller or high-roller.

Free spins are really good for those players who are making big stakes because usually they fix the bet size. Maybe this bonus is the least interesting for the players of free slots because their spins are always free on default.

The most colorful and exciting bonus is the bonus round on the second screen. It is interesting by itself so it’s the most preferable for the admirers of the free slots. Also the risk takers can be satisfied with the possibility of the certain win so we’re sure that this bonus is the best. However everyone has his own taste so maybe you are not admirer of the bonus features at all.

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