More than half of all casinos you know are using security systems which were made in Jeff Jonas lab. Jeff Jonas is the founder of one of the biggest company - Systems Research & Development; his job is to prevent frauds and to identify thieves. Jeff shared his experience with colleges on conference O’Reilly ETech which was dedicated to achievements of latest technologies.

Jeff said that the most casinos prefer not to implement additional security facilities, they rely on guards and hundreds of hidden cameras.”It’s much easier for them to install another couple of free slots which will cover any losses caused by thieves”, - Jonas said.

Jeff Jonas started his career with friendship with real scammers who were rubbing free slot machines in casinos and cheating in Poker and Blackjack. In 1990 Jeff moved to Las Vegas, there he was offered to participate mutual business to rob casinos and in another 15 years he owned big company, which was sold to IBM in 2005.

The main achievement of Jeff Jonas researches is NORA system (Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness). It points at suspicious clients who appear unexpectedly to win big amounts in slot machine Gold Raider. Program analyzes gestures and voice sounds, facial expressions and even the way criminals look at each other.

NORA is property of IBM now but Jeff continues to rule it and guide his colleges as a Chief Engineer in Entity Analytic Solutions of IBM. He is still living in Las Vegas but his priorities now are national and bank security.

In one of the most famous casino – Bellagio – 2000 hidden cameras installed. Gamblers don’t see but cameras are everywhere: under tables, above their heads, near small shops, cashier and near screens of free slot machines. All information from camera appears on 50 screens, several officers are keeping eye on all scenes from gambling rooms. If something suspicious happens one of the officer come closer to certain table - in any casino security prefers to handle situation like this behind eyes of clients.