...draft agreement. But unfortunately sometimes some cabinet workers allow themselves to determine state policy on their own initiative taking decisions what questions are to be set afloat and what questions are to be shelved.

A state or a buffer area?

The history of this document preparation is very long - it lasts for several years. A final stage was the 11-th summit Ukraine-EU on September, 14 in Kyiv. Any essential breakout in the European direction was not expected. Both parties’ representatives admitted that during the summit any historical decisions will not been taken and emphasized preferably pragmatic and technical character of this high level meeting. The main summit topic was discussion of details of the future substantial Ukraine-EU agreement. Ukraine has not managed to commit the perspective of EU membership in a new agreement yet. At the same time Kyiv progressed in establishing of a free trade area with EU.

Before discussion concerning progress in negotiations on a new substantial Ukraine-EU agreement the experts analyzed the status of the «Ukraine-EU» Action Plan for 2005-2007 implementation. In December 2006 and in April 2007 Razumkov Center analysts held a series of expert and sociologic studies within a framework of «Public Monitoring of the «Ukraine-EU» Action Plan». According to specialists our country managed to achieve some success on its way to democratization and European standards.

Nevertheless, as the observer Sergey Pasiuta noticed, expert’s estimates are much lower in the spheres of fight with corruption, independence of courts and success in social and economic fields. Besides, we have problems concerning language minorities rights observance (People’s Deputy Vadym Kolesnichenko draws our attention to them). «We regret to say, that democratic transformations are leveled with economic and social reforms tardiness», - noticed Valeriy Chalyi and Mikhail Pashkov, Razumkov Center, in the article published in «Zerkalo Nedeli».

During the year negotiations on visa requirements relaxation lasted as well. In July on the Europarliament session discussing a mandate for a new substantial EU-Ukraine agreement eurodeputies expressed their approval of future joining of Ukraine to the European Union. The chairman of the EU-Ukraine delegation Adrian Severin claimed: «We have to decide if we want to see Ukraine as a weak buffer zone or, visa versa, a strong country on the boarder between EU and Russia». Herewith he added that to enter the EU Ukraine has to accomplish its democratic reforms, and the EU has to accomplish reforms for further expansion possibility.

Perhaps, quite a slow way to the EU for Ukraine as we can rather call marking time is a result of composition of delegations visiting Brussels? We can come to this decision having got to know the facts described below.

Epistolary swindle

All claims of the parties are fine words only. But there are good reasons to cite a typical story of cabinet correspondence to understand the mechanism of hidden bureaucratic bulldog fights clearly. Editors have all the documents related. Let’s make a start!

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Vadym Kolesnicgenko having received broad publicity lately due to developing of the Public Report on the «European Charter on Regional or Minority Languages» provisions implementation showed his willingness to join the Ukrainian delegation in Brussels. The meeting was planned to be held in the eurocapital on October, 16-18. Negotiations process with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Anatoliy Veselovskiy had been already started on July, 2007. On July, 6 Kolesnichenko sent a letter to Veseloskiy who headed Ukrainian delegation taking part in negotiations with the EU concerning new underlying EU-Ukraine agreement.

The answer was received on July, 16. There was mentioned a date of the 5-th negotiation round in the letter. Besides, it was noticed that matters concerning Ukrainian delegation composition will be decided in September, 2007. The People’s Deputy was proposed to join one of the three working groups. In his reply of August, 15 Kolesnichenko informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on his wish to become a member of Working Group on Justice, Liberty and Security, headed with Deputy Minister of Justice Valentina Lutkovskaya. A very interesting fact is that this letter receiving was confirmed with the answer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of August, 23 over the signature of Veselovskiy. There was mentioned the date of negotiation again. It was also noticed that organization matters on Ukrainian delegation composition will be decided at the beginning of October.

And then Kolesnichenko started waiting for his mission details. As at the beginning of October nobody applied him, nobody informed him on the details of delegation composition or asked to express his remarks on documents prepared for negotiations, Kolesnichenko addressed with a letter to the Head of Ukrainian delegation for the third time, reminding of his obligatory involvement into delegation activities. But only on October, 9 he received, speaking his own words, a «unique answer» of Anatoliy Veselovskiy. It was noticed that Ukrainian working groups’ composition within Ukrainian delegation has been already finished, and the EU has been notified on it. In other words, Kolesnichenko was leaded a dance for several months with the definite purpose.

During 3-month epistolary the member of the Parliament has not been ever invited to take part in any working group meeting. He has not been given the opportunity to learn documents prepared for negotiations or to express his remarks or recommendations. Moreover, as a result of sheer deception he could not take part in negotiations. According to the member of the Parliament it influences Ukraine-EU dialog fruitfulness beyond any doubt, as the EU always adheres to democratic values, all points of view consideration and open overground.

Pure form of corruption

As we can see, there was described a glaring example of authority abuse with ordinary two-spots of a global bureaucracy machine. And such two-spots can easily slow down this or that aspect of Ukraine-Europe cooperation only because they do not like the views or the work of definite People’s Deputy, for example. Herein it is not known exactly what objects Yazeniuk’s deputy had when lying to the member of the Parliament in official documents. At the same time the situation concerns Ukraine-EU dialog - a dialog of the global players on the world chessboard. Therefore every detail is important. Shelving of definite ideas - a peculiar kind of antilobby - can be explained differently. A naïve reader can explain it just as usual disorderliness. But on this level of taking decisions there is no place for emergencies.

It may well be true from a reader’s point of view that it is only because the application for a trip was filled with the member of the Party of Regions while the project was managed with the subordinate of the minister - President’s protégé. But there is another question: why the substantial aspect of bilateral relations is rejected only due to someone’s emotions? As a result the people in charge of our state policy-making are cabinet workers who literally sabotage extremely important Ukrainian international document preparation.

Such manipulations can be equated to corruption. In fact we can see the signs of authority abuse and facts forgery. At the same time Ukrainian corrupt officials promised to fight with corruption on every meeting with Europeans. What else can we talk about in such a situation when unfair people are in charge of composition of Ukrainian delegations responsible for anti-corruption documents developing?

This problem does not have a quick decision. We just have to wait following Moses’ example for the last «bureaucraticus sovieticus» retirement. And taking into account the fact that due to intergenerational continuity every «specialist» has his own offsprings, we have to wait for at least 40 years. And the dilemma of reveling in power costs too much for Ukrainians unfortunately.

But they will not endure for a long, as they need a state, not a buffer area.
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